Hi I’m Helen and I decided to start “DON’T TOUCH THE BABY!” after enduring 10 cycles of IVF. On the 9th cycle my husband Oliver and I were blessed with our now 8 year old son Hugo and the 10th with our 6 month old twins Monty and Coco.

I had been through the mill emotionally so when Hugo was born I very understandably did not want people I didn’t know touching him.

I very vividly remember returning home from a shopping trip in floods of tears after a stranger had lent into his pram and touched his face.

I felt bad as I know she had meant no harm, never the less the situation left me feeling out of control and slightly violated.

While I was pregnant with the twins I vowed I would get some kind of polite sign made to hang on their pram. This is when “DON’T TOUCH THE BABY!” was created.

I love the fact now that the signs do the talking! I am never put in an awkward situation where someone who may not of washed their hands are touching my new precious babies!

I hope you find these signs as helpful as I do in protecting your little one. Whether it be due to a medical need where germs could have a detrimental affect on your baby’s health or due to an emotional need where a stranger touching your baby will have a detrimental affect on your emotions!

….. Remember as a rightfully protective parent, it’s always OK to say “DON’T TOUCH THE BABY!”